An impressive natural environment

Paradigm in ornithology and Mediterranean flora

Surroundings of El Cabrerín

Villarreal de San Carlos

It is the only existing settlement within the Monfragüe National Park, where the Visitor Center of the Nature Park is situated, which includes:

  • Information Office
  • Interpretation Center of Monfragüe
  • Interpretation Center of Water
  • Exhibition
  • Documentation Center

In addition, Villarreal is the starting point of all, that guide through the park, either on foot or by car.

Villarreal de San Carlos

Villarreal de San Carlos is a community with about 25 inhabitants. It was founded in the 18th century by the king Carlos III –that is were the name originates from– to control the bandits that attacked the travellers on their way from Plasencia to Trujillo. That is way it was given a military base with a jail and a vicarage by the church.

Albeit the rights offered to all those who would live in the village, it never became a dependency of the municipality of Serradilla.

Monfragüe National Park

It forms the biggest and best conserved fraction of Mediterranean forest of whole Europe, same as Special Protected Area for birds (SPA) and Biosphere Reserve. The place was declared National Park in 2007 considering the good conservation status of its flora as well as the great number of species, many of them in danger of extinction: Imperial eagle, golden eagle, Egyptian vulture, Black stork, Griffon vulture and Black vulture –the biggest breeding population of Black vulture can be found here– among others.