In AUTUMN, with the arrival of the first rains, you can enjoy the rutting of red deer in MonfragŁe. The male fight for the females and the Nature Park is privileged to witness their roars.
MadroñoIn WINTER, the arrival of winter aquatic birds, makes our rivers, streams and pools teeming with life; the cranes feed in the open oak woodlands and they shelter during the night on the edges of our reservoirs. And the strawberry tree, offers its fleshy and appetizing fruits which create a state of drunken delight in those who will try them.
In SPRING, life. Birds arriving from other continents and countries fly in the sky looking for partners and construct their nests in MonfragŁe.
Cascada (Las Hurdes)SUMMER, extreme as our country, invites us to follow the Valleys North of Cáceres: La Vera, Jerte, Ambroz, Las Hurdes, with their mountain rivers and natural pools. They complement our stay in Monfragüe.
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